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2002 - Humpback Whale Research Expedition in Maui, Hawaii

Maui is the 'mecca' for Humpback whale research.

Researchers from all over the world travel to Hawaii's warm winter climate to enjoy studying these animals from sun-soaked little boats.

And what they see is rewarding. The humpback's enthusiasm for Hawaii is obvious to all – they can be seen breeching, tail-slapping and spy-hopping – even from the shore - and their underwater winter songs are among the world's most beautiful sounds.

However, these researchers aren't the only ones who come to Hawaii to see the whales.

Luna Live research station

Maui Map Thousands of tourists crowd the waters on whale-watching boats - all hoping to get a glimpse of these magnificent giants.

Whale research & whale watching aren't bad things in and of themselves, but the reality of having that many people - and that many boats - on the water has a direct impact upon the whales.

99% of these boats offer 2 or 3 hour tours, and in order to get the tourists from the shore to the whales and back again (in time for the next scheduled tour) - they use high-powered motors to get the tourists to the whales.

And therein lies the problem: power vessels are loud. What should be an underwater chorus of whalesong that reverberates between the islands in the shallow waters off of Maui, becomes instead a ping-pong match of engine noise as the tour boats rush back and forth shuttling their tourists.

This, then, proved to be the fundamental driving force behind ANON's decision to conduct our research from a sailing vessel.

The pace is slower, and the opportunities for research are limited by our slower speed, but the rewards are enormous.

We are able, with near-silence, to study the Ocean's Natives without interfering with them nor their underwater world. We watch in silence as they break the surface with ballistic exhalations that give goose-bumps to all aboard. We watch in silence as they slide, effortlessly, gracefully and silently back into the waters – unperturbed by our presence.

Maui Map

Maui Map We are proud of the fact that we practice what we preach. Our research expeditions are conducted entirely with the well-being of the ocean environment first and foremost in our minds.

We refer to the ocean’s inhabitants as Ocean Natives because we believe deeply in the truth that a pristine and healthy ocean environment is their birthright. And equally importantly, that we have an obligation to Act Now on their behalf.

Join TeamANON in our crusade to educate the world's politicians, business owners and general public. Your help is needed.

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