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2001 - Humpback Whale Research Expedition in Gustavus, Alaska

Gustavus is a little town at the mouth of the Glacier Bay National Park, in southeast Alaska. Its also a summer home to hundreds of Humpback whales who migrate to Alaska from Hawaii to forage for food.

chart showing pt adolphus & se alaska

humpback whale research photo Wildlife abounds in Alaska, and the ocean is no exception. The long days provide exceptional conditions for krill and algae to bloom in the near-icy cold waters, and the Humpbacks travel thousands of miles each year just to take advantage of this.

On this expedition, all of our research was shore based. The Humpbacks were everywhere including up close to shore and so we chose to conduct our research from camp sites we set up along their foraging areas.

alaska wildlife moose

humpback whale research photo Shore based observation

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