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Fund-raising help wanted!!!

Fund-raising is an art all unto itself. Unfortunately, we’d rather
be doing the work.

And that leaves us with a conundrum: raise funds, or save a whale.

Hmm, guess what? The whale always wins.

But the truth of the matter is that without funds, we can’t sustain our work.

So we’re looking for help.

And we’ll take whatever help you can provide. Donations of cash, contributions of equipment, legal services, marketing ideas, or specific fund-raising expertise. No offer to small - nor to big.

We believe deeply in our work, and our work reflects that philosophy. From our lofty mission statement to the work we do on every research expedition, we go to fantastic lengths to get our job done. And we’re excited to discover how far we will go with the help you provide.

Here's what we're doing now:

a) Cash donations using PayPal or the US Mail We guarantee that the money you send will be used to further our work - all under the guidance of our mission statement. Your thoughtful consideration means everything to us, and you can depend on the fact that your help is greatly appreciated.
b) “Silent Auction” for a research expedition Reserved exclusively for our top-tier donors, here’s what you can expect from ANON's Silent Auction.

But we welcome other ideas!

Do you have expertise in marketing, fund-raising, event-planning, environmental law, or running an NGO/Non-Profit Organization?

We know whales, but we don’t know you! What would you like to bring to the table?

Please, take a minute and let us know! Send us an email describing how you would like to help.

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