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Act NOW!
and SAY NO to Active Sonar!

ACT NOW FOR OCEAN NATIVES expresses a profound opposition to the use of Active Sonar. We, along with many leading scientists, believe that the risks to whales, dolphins and other ocean life are too severe to warrant any exemptions from existing environmental laws.

Deployment of this technology was found to be in violation of the Marine Mammal Protection Act, the Endangered Species Act, the National Environmental Policy Act and the Administrative Procedure Act, according to an October, 2002 judgement from a Federal Court in San Francisco.

We, along with many leading scientists, strongly object to the fact that the Bush administration has granted an exemption from these above mentioned Acts, and believe that the Navy has failed to conduct the research necessary to fully assess the effects this technology will have upon the world's cetacean populations. Deploying this extreme and powerful technology without regard to the safety of the ocean's native populations is both irresponsible and unforgivable.

We fully support our US military, and understand that national security is our government's highest priority. Still, we believe that we should not forsake our environment in the name of military preparedness. We urge you to send a clear message to the US Navy that our ocean's natives are not to be harassed or put into any further danger in the pursuit of this goal.

Whale populations are already a fraction of their natural numbers due to decades of over-exploitation during the whaling years. A growing volume of scientific research provides clear warning of the mounting catastrophic threats to whales and their environment -- from pollution to over-fishing.

Please do not let LFAS be the final blow.

We promise that the information you provide here will be used solely for the purpose of this petition, and will never, ever be sold nor given to any 3rd parties. We respect your privacy, and deeply appreciate your thoughtful actions.

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