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L-98 Stewardship

"The Southern Resident Killer Whale Community, to which Luna belongs, now comprises just 83 individuals . Luna's community was heavily harvested during the 1970s for display in public aquaria, and their numbers declined 20% over a 5 year period during the 90s. They are currently listed as Endangered in Canada and Washington State.

"As an endangered species, Luna's family needs him -- and as a social creature, he needs his family. This point cannot be overstated: resident orca have very strong social groups. Each resident orca live their entire lives within the pod to which they are born, never leaving their mother's company. "
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playful Luna

insistent Luna "And in the absence of his family's social environment, Luna has become focused on the next best thing: people.

"Last summer there were several reports of Luna 'attacking' sailboats and breaking rudders. Clearly, many of the reports were journalistic exagerations, but he is a very, very intelligent creature. He has quickly figured out that to get a boat to stop, he simply has to push hard on the rudder."

"He is not 'attacking' these boats, he is simply seeking out substitutions for those social interactions which other orca get by virtue of living with their family."
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If you would like to discuss how
you can help us keep Tsux'iit free,
please contact us.

"The bottom line is simple. Luna is a member of an endangered species. He is a very intelligent and social animal. He seeks out human interactions because he is estranged from his family, and the summer boating season brings far too many opportunities for him to get into trouble. Luna needs stewardship until he reunites."
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"Above all else, the Mowachaht/Muchalaht First Nations people want to see Luna free. Free to reunite with his family naturally. Free from capture, free from sea pens, free from dorsal tags, and in the most extreme case, free from a life of captivity in a public aquarium. "
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friendly Luna

friendly Luna "Luna is known by the many people who have lived with him during these past three years to be a gentle and loving spirit. He deserves - at the very least - our best efforts to ensure his continued freedom."

"The Mowachaht / Muchalaht people believe to the depths of their culture that Luna should remain free. By taking to their canoes, they are putting their beliefs into action. They deserve - at the very least - our understanding and our respect. But they deserve even more. They deserve our thanks and our help, for in their attempts to keep Luna free, their actions speak for us all."
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The hands you see in these pictures are of an elder in
the Mowachaht/Muchalaht tribe who was actively and deeply
engaged in prayer.

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