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News Clippings

ANON Position Statements
How we feel about L-98/Luna/Tsux'iit/Patches
05.05.09 - Seattle Times OpEd -- Luna deserves our protection & understanding
05.03.16 - Press Release -- Reuniting Luna: Past & Present
04.08.27 - Joint Statement by NGOs -- on the Need for Stewardship
04.06.29 - Globe & Mail OpEd -- on Luna's Cultural Significance
First Nations News
The Nuuchahnulth Newspaper has done a GREAT job of covering the capture attempt -
and especially some of the hard issues which other newspapers shy away from.
05.10.06.b - Tsu’xiit’s close call with captivity
05.10.06.a - ‘Leave Luna Alone’ Scientific Panel said.
04.07.02.d - Canoes lead Tsu-xiit to Yuquot
04.07.02.c - Muschum reunite with spirit of late Tyee Ha'wilth Maquinna
04.07.02.b - DFO bans Monitor from capture site
04.07.02.a - Mowachaht /Muchalaht keep Tsu-xiit free
04.06.17.b - Scientists protest tagging of Tsu'xiit
04.06.17.a - Tsu-xiit capture planned
OrcaLab Press Releases
Press Releases from OrcaLab detail the search for Luna's family prior to the capture attempt.
04.09.02 - It's time to take action on Luna (ReuniteLuna OpEd)
04.05.25 - Sunday excitement near Nootka Sound
04.05.20 - "Natural" Luna reunion may be imminent
04.05.19 - Orcas sighted off Tofino may be part of L pod
04.05.11 - Efforts to find Luna’s pod intensify
DFO / NOAA Relocation Plan
Press Releases DFO and NOAA detail the plan to reunite Luna.
NOAA 04.04.05
DFO 04.04.05
Action Plan Details

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