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Congress weakens the
Marine Mammal Protection Act

The US Department of Defense has asked - and the US Congress has granted - broad exemptions from a number of environmental laws. These laws (like the Marine Mammal Protection Act and the Environmental Protection Act) were the foundation of the recent legal win which prevented the Navy from deploying LFAS worldwide.

Please ACT NOW and let your Representatives and Senators know that you want them to restore environmental laws.
  navy sonar dead whale Source: AP News


Headline (click to view story)

Nature Defence bill erodes marine protection
Sea Shepherd President Bush Declares War on the Whales and Dolphins
Guardian, UK Military Wins OK on Endangered Species
Newswire National Environmental Trust Statement on the Backroom Deal
on Department of Defense Environmental Exemptions
Environmental News Marine life, national security at issue as Navy trains with new sonar system
Singapore $700b defence Bill gets nod from US Senate
Bremerton, WA Defense bill leaves animals less defended
Bangor, ME Protecting Whales
Albuquerque, NM $401 billion military bill OK'd
Seattle, WA Wider use of Navy sonar approved by House

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